Samarind is able to provide tailored training for users of both RMS for Windows and RMS On Demand.

  • For RMS for Windows customers we normally provide end user training at the customer's own site; however we can also provide internet based training by special arrangement.
  • For RMS On Demand customers we provide online training and help.

We are also planning Computer Based Training (CBT) courses and post-training 'tests' to enable users to check that the training has been effective.

We also provide eCTD training, focused on either the EU requirements or a more global view, delivered by our eCTD expert Dr. Olaf Schoepke. Olaf is a recognised and highly respected speaker on the European conference circuit, especially on the topic of Electronic Publishing, including eCTD. He trains regulatory professionals as well as agency experts on all aspects of the eCTD worldwide.

For more information about our training services please contact us.