Samarind RMS for Windows has a secure, well designed technical architecture, making it simple and cost effective to deploy

The system architecture comprises a compiled Microsoft® Visual Basic® (VB.NET) application (the 'front-end'), which links to a Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 database engine (the 'back-end'). All data storage (including documents) is within the SQL database for security and ease of use.

Samarind RMS for Windows - architectureRemote usage of the system from a single installation can be achieved by placing the VB.NET application on a secured Microsoft® Terminal Services* server and providing access to this server both internally and via VPN links from anywhere in the world if required. Either Samarind or the client can provide the hardware, operating system software and SQL licences required to run the application.

Please note - to store documents other than PDF's and simple RTF files in the database (for example complex Word documents and PowerPoint presentations) you will also need Microsoft Office to be installed on the Terminal Services server.

*Other 'thin client' technologies can be used.