Fully integrated electronic document management

Samarind RMS includes a fully integrated document management system with checking in and checking out facilities, full version control and approval  features.

Documents are, by default, stored inside the Samarind RMS database, which means they are secure and cannot be overwritten or deleted by unauthorised users. The system stores both an original electronic version of a document (e.g. Word file) and an equivalent PDF version – both documents are stored as a pair within the system’s database, ensuring they’re kept ‘in sync’. 

The document management system also allows a single document to be ‘shared’ between different parts of the system, eliminating the need to create or hold duplicates and the document management facilities also link seamlessly to the system’s built-in eCTD module, enabling you to ‘drag ‘n’ drop’ documents directly into your eCTD submissions.

The system enables users to create an unlimited number of document templates, which allows new documents to be created quickly and easily. External documents such as Word, Acrobat or Excel files can be imported into the system.

Documents are accessible from within the various different sections of the system e.g. Licences, Products etc and there is also a complete list of all the documents in the system, which can be easily viewed or queried to gain visibility of any document's current status.

Both Samarind RMS for Windows and RMS On Demand share the same EDMS, providing equal benefits to both sets of users.

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