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Samarind launches TOPRA events app

If you’re a regulatory affairs professional who’s always on-the-go you might be interested in Samarind’s latest mobile app.

Developed specially for TOPRA, The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs, this iPhone and Android app will let you keep track of TOPRA's events with your Smartphone. It is easy to use and means you can be fully up to date at the touch of a button. Just one 'click' lets you add any event to your diary or visit the TOPRA web site for more information. TOPRA Events Apps

Samarind's software director, Miranda Pothiawala explains: "This is our latest mobile app and we're delighted to be partnering with TOPRA to develop something that's actually very simple, but has a recognisable value. The sign of a good application is its usefulness and not its complexity, and so we hope that TOPRA's members will embrace this user-friendly gadget to keep in touch with events, wherever they are. We're also very keen to add new features to the app in response to member feedback."

Describing the app as "very impressive" during her busy schedule, TOPRA's Executive Director, Lynda Wright said that she was looking forward to monitoring the uptake of the app and exploring how it can be developed further.

TOPRA is the global organisation for Regulatory Affairs professionals and for those who have an interest in Regulatory Affairs in the healthcare sector. Their current membership is drawn from over 40 countries and members worldwide are actively involved in delivering the services needed by busy regulatory specialists. Members are drawn from industry, the regulatory agencies and the consultancy community and work in all sectors including medical technologies, biotech, borderline products and pharmaceuticals.

To download the app simply search for TOPRA in your app store, and if you're interested in having a mobile app developed for your business please contact us.

Published 09/11/2011
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