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Samarind announces EVMPD support in 'RMS On Demand'

Samarind announces EVMPD support in its hosted 'On Demand' system as well as to its Windows version.

Samarind RMS for Windows has included support for EVMPD (the EMA's EudraVigilance Medicinal Product Dictionary) since 2005, and over the last 6 months has been working hard to be the first software vendor to offer full support for the new, mandatory XEVMPD. The new version is now undergoing user acceptance testing at customer sites and is being very well received.

In response to customer demand, Samarind has decided to add EVMPD support to its award winning ‘RMS On Demand’ product too. RMS On Demand is a completely Internet-based system that provides most of the features of the Windows product for a modest monthly subscription fee. Intended for organisations with between 1 and 4 users, the system includes regulatory affairs tracking, product lifecycle management, an electronic document management system (EDMS) and full eCTD creation facilities all in one integrated and easy-to-use package.

The addition of support for the new XEVMPD specification will enable smaller businesses to comply with the EMA’s July 2012 deadline without the overhead and expense of a large on-site system. The enhancements are expected to be completed by March/April 2012 but subscribers can start using the system right away; because so much of the data required by the EMA is basic regulatory information that is already present in our database, around 90% (excluding SSI) of the information can be entered now.

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Published 12/01/2012
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