Reed Tech xEVMPD Team

The Reed Tech xEVMPD Team

Samarind Linited has formed a strategic alliance with Reed Technology and Information Services, Inc., and Pure Drug Safety, to provide a complete portfolio of xEVMPD solutions.

The team comprises the three world-class companies, which draw from a deep pool of experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver a range of service and technology solutions to ensure your company is able to meet its EudraVigilance obligations and comply with the 2 July 2012 deadline for xEVMPD (Extended EudraVigilance Medicinal Products Dictionary (EVMPD)) submissions.

Each member of the alliance brings its own specialist area of expertise and experience, to form a powerful range of solutions; from a completely outsourced xEVMPD collation and processing solution, to xEVMPD consultancy services, to compliant xEVMPD software tools. Whatever your level of requirements, the team can be a valuable asset to any marketing authorisation holder.



Reed Tech is a leader in document conversion, data management, electronic submissions, and SPL XML creation and publishing for the Life Sciences industry. Reed Tech has extended its portfolio to provide xEVMPD data management solutions.



Pure Drug Safety is a leading provider of outsourced pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs with services such as case handling, expedited reporting, literature searching, signal detection, medical writing, dossier building, marketing applications and lifecycle management. With its in-depth knowledge of the European regulatory and pharmacovigilance landscape it provides end-to-end understanding and management of xEVMPD.


Samarind Limited is a leading provider of software solutions for regulatory affairs and xEVMPD. One of the original vendors providing compliant EVMPD tools in 2005, Samarind's RMS software has been updated to meet new requirements for xEVMPD. Samarind RMS' road map will match the EMA's future requirements for compliance with ISO IDMP standards in 2015. 


The Key Benefits of our Complete xEVMPD Solution

Choose the exact combination of technology and expertise you require:

  • SaaS - we provide compliant xEVMPD technology
  • Outsourced - we provide the technology, staff and expertise
Benefit from our qualified and experienced drug safety and regulatory professionals
Manage your xEVMPD obligations with Samarind RMS database technology
Be assured by state-of-the-art, secure data handling
Be ready to meet the 2 July 2012 xEVMPD deadline and beyond


Contact us now to find out how we can help you achieve xEVMPD compliance.