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RMS On Demand a secure online regulatory software toolset at your fingertips for a modest monthly subscription

Whether you’re an independent regulatory affairs consultant or a regulatory professional employed full time by a pharmaceutical company, you can benefit from a secure application to manage your product and licence information throughout the life-cycle process

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Samarind RMS V4 for Windows with full eCTD creation and viewing capabilities...

Samarind RMS is a fit-for-purpose regulatory submissions software application that has been designed from the outset as a user-friendly and time-efficient toolset for pharmaceutical industry professionals who deal with regulatory affairs.

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Full eCTD creation and viewing capabilities Samarind RMS is a fit-for-purpose time efficient toolset, which allows you to create and submit your electronic dossiers in the correct eCTD format

The latest driver is the fully electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) as defined by
the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration
of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) and the various regional authorities

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pharmaceutical regulatory management

In today's pharmaceutical industry there are ever increasing demands on regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance departments; no more so than when managing the submission and maintenance of product licence information to the relevant authorities.

At Samarind we thoroughly understand these demands and the stringent procedures that can give regulatory professionals a constant headache, such as the enigma of eCTD!

Working closely with experienced pharmaceutical industry professionals, we have developed Samarind RMS, a robust user-friendly software application which precisely manages the key areas of product licence acquisition and maintenance, including eCTD.

Key benefits of Samarind RMS

  • reduces the costs of managing your licences
  • improves accuracy of regulatory data
  • provides fast and accurate reporting
  • provides greater flexibility of working
  • improves overall efficiency of regulatory data management
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Samarind’s Miranda Pothiawala Named in ‘PharmaVoice 100’ 2014

PharmaVOICE magazine has named Samarind’s founder and Director of Software, Miranda Pothiawala, as one of its 100 most inspiring people in the life sciences industry.

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Samarind RMS product boxOur Windows software, first developed in 2004 and now in its fourth major version, has just been joined by our revolutionary 'On Demand' version, which is entirely web-based.

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Worked with us

With a large portfolio of products and a complex supply chain mechanism to support it, we needed a dynamic and flexible software system to cope with all of the variables. We are very impressed with Samarind's openness to our needs and in particular, their willingness to work in partnership with Fresenius-Kabi, to ensure our needs are met precisely.
Dr. Dr. Michel Mikhail
Chief Regulatory Officer & Executive Vice President
Global Regulatory Affairs, Fresenius Kabi
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